First contribution to the Linux community: Applet PYE

This is all about a tiny applet specifically created for the Cinnamon Desktop Environment used in Linux Mint. It has been built in Mint 19.2 x64 (using Cinnamon 4.2.4) and tested also in Mint 20.1 x64. Well, at least a couple releases were tested in 20.1 since I don’t have enough resources to run a VirtualBox image all day.

What does this applet do? Allows changing display brightness, gamma and color temperature on-the-fly, to day/night fixed values, or automatically and gradually based on sunrise/sunset time – either manually set or automatically retrieved from web services. All that through clicking/scrolling upon a taskbar/panel icon or by dragging a few sliders.

The following was originally posted at the Linux Mint forum board.

Finally an almost working version. Still a few minor bugs and shortcomings but it’s been long enough and my nerves are stretched to the max. Should be good enough for daily usage, I hope, unless someone discovers some huge issue.

Here’s Applet PYE for you. A (hopefully) improved version of cardsurf‘s Brightness and gamma applet.
Not gonna waste much of your time with presentation and whatnot – there’s a readme in the package, also accessible through applet’s context menu after installation. If you already have a Markdown reader configured on your system it’ll automatically show you a nicer version of the text file.

The tooltip, already present in the above improved versions of B & G. Now it can do bold text as well as larger fonts.


The notification popup, also present in above versions. No improvements here other than the option to disable it if so desired.


The main controls AKA the sliders. Two basic versions: symbolic icons with no decorations, or colored icons with decorations. Text size follows icon size, useful for accessibility purposes or when system doesn’t play well with high DPI. Directly connected to tooltip font size.


The context menu (right-click on panel icon) offers a few extra options that may or may not prove useful at times.
Follows the sliders menu in regard to icon and font size.


The settings dialog. May appear overwhelming at first, but usually there’s no need to fiddle with it for too long – just until the closest-to-perfection values and settings are reached, then forget about it. Anyway, it’s better to have choices than no choice at all (it’s such a dangerous act to swim against the current these days). Choose wisely!


One last word: I really really wanted to implement a way to control each monitor separately when in multi-monitor mode, but my machine is acting up very badly with an external monitor enabled – it crashed and locked up Cinnamon and the entire machine merely for changing position of monitor 2, after completely screwing up the icons on the desktop – so I’m afraid such feature may have to wait for quite some time, if I ever get to fix or work around this issue. Sorry about that. blushing

Package can be downloaded from the Linux Mint forum board or below. Forum link here.

Latest version (currently is here.

Older versions:

That’s it. Hopefully nothing bad will happen from using this applet, but either way remember: you’re on your own. angel
Good luck, may you be happy and bring happiness to those around you! cool

P.S. Please remember to disable (or uninstall) any existing version of Brightness and gamma applet (or any other similar applets such as Redshift, qRedshift etc) before installing and enabling this one, otherwise there may be conflicts in the settings and/or issues with Cinnamon.