New useless but funny applet: Cinn’r eyes

Dunno how and why I remembered but I did. Why now? No idea.
It’s something that seems so old. Maybe as old as Windows 98. Or maybe not.
It’s a gimmick. A pair of eyeballs that appear to follow the mouse pointer.
Not Big Brother – just a funny brother at best. Useless too. Or not so much since v0.2.0.0.

This was initially a Gnome extension. Similar enough to Cinnamon x-lets. One would’ve thought it has already been ported. Apparently not. Or I missed it. Or it was and later on became obsolete. Don’t know, don’t care.

Today (June 17, 2022) got bored, found the extension and started porting it to Cinnamon. It all went pretty fast. At least for my very slow mind. And I did check out the license too – that’s how bored I was! yawn GPL v3, good enough.

As such there it is the first version of the ported extension: Cinn’r eyes (read sinner eyes).
Original one – or at least the one I adapted – was Glasa, made by Markus Pawellek AKA lyrahgames.

Changes from the original:
– moved some constants to settings for a flexible configuration
– fixed a slight out of bounds issue at certain icon sizes
– colorized the eyes
– added ability to change iris color, icon/image size, and other aspects of the graphics
– added ability to stop/start eye movement (doesn’t quite work correctly)
– changed tooltip message

– added hardcoded limits for icon size
– added ability to show Expo and Overview (click / Ctrl+click)
– added ability to switch workplaces (Ctrl + mouse scroll)
– added tooltip info when changing icon size or switching workspaces
– added ‘spooky’ mode

v0.2.0.1 (bugfix)
– fixed accidentally duplicated timer name

v0.2.0.2 (bugfix)
– attempted fix at wrong spooky mode behavior in panels other than top-sided

– refactored the Settings window
– added option to show workspace name in tooltip (only when workspace switching is enabled)
– added a ‘panic button’ that resets all drawing (icon) values to default

– fixed a cairo bug littering the xsession-errors log

– fixed tooltip not displaying correct workspace after being switched by other means
– fixed icon size calculation bug with custom getRange() & rangeCheck() functions

The size of the icon can be changed on-the-fly by mouse scroll over it if overriding default size is enabled in Settings.


Spooky mode:

Settings window:

Direct download link: Cinn’r eyes

Old versions:
Cinn’r eyes
Cinn’r eyes
Cinn’r eyes
Cinn’r eyes
Cinn’r eyes
Cinn’r eyes

It’s been tested in Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.2 and 20.2. Hopefully it works for you too, if you care to try it.
Enjoy! thumbs up