First and foremost

I’ve been around the virtual world since about 2000 or earlier. Don’t take me for a newbie.
In the beginning things were looking good, future seemed bright.
I was in love. Hopelessly and unfortunately.

At some point in time things changed enough to get noticed. Then it became clear the light at the end of the tunnel was actually the headlight of a bulletproof train moving against us at full speed. Sometime during the life of this rant series I shall be speaking from a netherworld.
That’s how “optimistic” I am.
And who gives a fuck.

In time there were many, many weird situations, sometimes incomprehensible, that made me wanna pull my hair off like this guy here –> at wits' end
There is a point where an honest mistake or sheer stupidity go beyond into ill-willing and that’s where I’m utterly uncomfortable to be driven to. With the recent release of Microsoft’s Windows 10, suddenly something flipped. Slaughterhouse opened its gates, other gates closed behind us. Funny how the words ‘Windows’ and ‘gates’ came back together. Maybe I should’ve hinted a capital G but I’d like for your brains to hit the G-spot of this all.

Here, in this ‘garden’ I indend to remember about things that got me (very) pissed off, if only to keep them from fading away from my so defective memory. And – as a bonus – to let others learn a thing or two, maybe. Have a seat and enjoy the stories or – if you feel like it – join me in sending those that deserve it to go fuck themselves.